Pitfalls of Generic Legal Forms

At first glance, do-it-yourself forms seem to be an appealing way to protect yourself legally. For less than $100 you can get a form for just about any need from real estate deeds to structuring a new business to estate planning. Online forms may ask you a few questions and build a legal form around your response. You print it, attempt to complete it, and maybe sign it. With the form now tucked away in your filing cabinet, you may think you have the proper legal protection. The only way of knowing you are adequately covered is in the unfortunate event that the document gets tested.

Generic forms do not prepare you for unforeseen liabilities. The form you have may be modeled on laws from a different state than Nevada. If your documents are not worded properly, you are exposing yourself to considerable risks, and could render the document completely unenforceable.

There is a better way to protect yourself, your family, and your business: Your family attorney. Your attorney stays apprised of changes to local laws and improvements in practice standards so you benefit from your attorney's expertise. Your attorney will ask you far more questions than an online form could possibly do. The result of this care is a document that covers you completely, even in ways you might not have thought of when starting the process. You will also benefit from advice that can help you limit your liability, reducing the likelihood that you will be challenged in court. These are but a few of the services your attorney provides that the online counterpart is incapable of doing.

Your attorney is your partner in life to help guide you around potential pitfalls before they appear. Choose an attorney who will provide the insight so you can make the most informed decisions. It is far more cost effective to seek your attorney's counsel beforehand than obtaining a fill-in-the-blanks form and having to deal with its unintended consequences after the fact. Contact Larry Rouse to find out how he can protect you better than a generic legal form.